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Charity Kite Surf Challenge

On Tuesday September 22nd 2009 Kite Surfer Andy Ward from Poole in Dorset successfully crossed the English Channel from Alderney to Poole. To the organisers knowledge the Alderney to Poole route has never been attempted by a Kite Surfer before. The distance between the 2 points is approx 70 nautical miles, which made it the longest English Channel crossing ever attempted for charity using a kite and board. All Donations will go to the Special Boat Service Association (SBSA) Charitysee more

Our gratitude goes out to all our support team and everyone that made it possible. Footage and pictures will be uploaded in due course with a detailed report of how it all went. Local media BBC,ITV featured the crossing on 22nd or 23rd September (see Gallery page).

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Big thanks to

JM Yachting

For providing the RIB support - James & Trevor- If you need Chartered RIBS - These should be your 1st Choice !

Dave Hartwell - The WaterSports Academy Manager- Kitesurfing Thailand Phuket on the RIBS

Mark Enticknapp for all his photographs and support

Galvanised Media

Tom Herring for all his video coverage

First Line Response

Shawn Bullivant for Medic Support if needed

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A big thanks to Aurigny for flights to Alderney !